Justify Your Trip

We’ve put together a letter template that you can use to justify your trip. Every decision maker will require different information before giving the OK, so be sure to alter this template to fit your needs. The red text notes places where you will need to fill in details. We hope this helps demonstrate the value of attending the summit and that you will receive approval in no time!

Discovery Summit Conference Proposal.

Asking for permission in person? Here are some talking points.

What is Discovery Summit?

  • An interactive forum for analytics beginners and pros who work at organizations that use JMP®.
  • Keynote talks from authorities in statistics, technology and innovation.
  • Opportunities to expand my network of JMP users and analytics experts.
  • Time with JMP developers to investigate ideas, suggest new software features and tackle issues.
  • Inspiration and ideas that will help us spread the power of analytics excellence across our organization.

How much does it cost?

  • Please see the Pricing page for the event of your choice.
  • We offer a variety of discount programs. Go to Upcoming Summits to find information for the event near you.
  • All meals during the conference are included.

How is Discovery Summit different from training and tutorials?

Discovery Summit, training courses and tutorials complement each other. Pre-conference training is often available at a discount if I register for Discovery Summit. That’s a nice deal on courses designed to give me hands-on JMP practice with the guidance of seasoned trainers. At some Summits, I also have the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on specific topics if I attend tutorials led by expert JMP developers.

The great thing about attending the conference is that I will get to learn firsthand from experienced JMP users who have had great success using the software to overcome business challenges. Breakout sessions led by these users include demonstrations of best practices, and many of them are based on real-life case studies – we’re talking about using real data to solve real problems.

You’ve just started using JMP; won’t this be above your level?

Past participants who were new to JMP say that the conference was exciting and exposed them to new ideas. I can select the breakout sessions geared to my experience level and interests.

You’ve been using JMP for years; shouldn’t you know all the answers by now?

I’m always looking for techniques that enable me to implement strategy more efficiently. Discovery Summit offers best practices for advanced users who want to make the most of JMP. And it would be great to build my network of analysts for bouncing ideas back and forth.