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November 19 - 20, 2020

Steering Committee

  • katsushige-hamaguchi

    Katsushige Hamaguchi

    Senior Instructor, Murata Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

    Katsushige Hamaguchi joined Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  to work in the quality control department. For many years, he focused on internal education that nurtured employees' statistical thinking and practical skills for MONODUKURI. He has been one of the key people for JMP education at Murata since the company implemented JMP in 2001. He has been planning and implementing rich trainings for new graduates, basic programs for various job types, and skill development for special areas.

  • junji-kishimoto

    Junji Kishimoto

    Associate Professor, Kyushu University

    Junji Kishimoto participated in SUGI (SAS User's Group International) in San Francisco on April 10, 1989. John Sall announced JMP there. He has been a big fan of JMP since then. In 1996, he started to teach  science of statistics at Shonan Fujisawa Campus of Keio University. In February of the same year, JMP-IN, JMP for Academic, was launched. So he adopted JMP Start Statistics as a textbook for his classes in just two months* and made all of his students install JMP-IN for his hands-on style courses. In 2006, he took a new post at Kyushu University. Kyushu University has chosen JMP, and Kishimoto has been using JMP for biostatistics classes. He also gives statistical consultation to researchers, encouraging them to use JMP for analyzing the data by themselves.
    * The school year in Japan begins in April.

  • tadashi-mitsui

    Tadashi  Mitsui

    Chief Specialist, Toshiba Semiconductor Services & Support

    Tadashi Mitsui joined Toshiba after he graduated with a master’s degree from the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science. During his career, he has been responsible for mainly image processing development for measurement technology in R&D for semiconductors. Mitsui discovered JMP during an eight-year overseas assignment in the US, and recognized that JMP is critical software for utilizing measurement data effectively. After he transferred to the innovation department, he has been making an effort to spread data science at Toshiba. He is now expanding his career to include statistics education and problem consultation, deploying statistical data analysis to a wider range of technology fields.

  • takenori-takahashi

    Takenori Takahashi

    Visiting Professor, Keio University

    Takenori Takahashi has researched quality management (QM), the use of the study of statistics in QM, and design logic for many years. He has been proposing hyper design, a new design paradigm, as well as developing the HOPE theory since the beginning of the 21st century. In addition, he has promoted the HOPE add-in in joint development with SAS for over 10 years. Hyper design is a paradigm made possible by the HOPE theory, and the tool that provides great assistance in actual design is the HOPE add-in for JMP. When used in concert, these three elements make new types of design approaches possible. In parallel with ongoing research, Takahashi has provided simulated experience education and lectures on QM, the use of the study of statistics in QM, and design theory at the Tokyo University of Science and Keio University as an Associate Professor and Professor for over 30 years. Meanwhile, he has provided simulated experience education and lectures at Yale University, University of Tsukuba, Aoyama Gakuin University, and many more universities and graduate schools as a part-time lecturer. Takahashi has also provided hands-on simulated experience education at the request of a number of companies and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). He has published presentations for academic societies, written dissertations, and authored books on the results of his education theory.

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