Munich 2020

10-12 March

We can't meet in Munich next week, so we'll meet online right here. Lack of travel doesn't equate to lack of sharing, exploring and learning.

Scroll down to see the content we'll be sharing on 10-12 March.

Then block your calendars. Reserve a conference room. And tell your colleagues. Unlike our usual Discovery Summits, space is unlimited at Discovery Online. It's free too!

We'll see you and your colleagues right here on 10 March.

Exploring Data, Inspiring Innovation

What happens when you put accomplished, brilliant and curious people together in a comfortable environment to talk about analytics?

Everything good.


10 March

Learn how JMP Live lets you multiply the value of your data analysis insights by securely sharing them with colleagues on the web. How exactly do you use JMP Live? How do you manage it? This presentation will answer all your questions.

John Sall for DS Homepage Module

11 March

Join us for presentations on topics ranging from extracting insights from web data and the importance of data exploration to optimizing a complex process with DOE, stability studies and advanced graph formats. John Sall will wrap up the afternoon with a talk on new ways to explore and understand your data in JMP 15 and JMP Pro 15.  

David Speigelhalter DS Homepage Banner

12 March

Don't miss today's presentations encompassing topics such as making sense of odor compounds, predicting safe packaging parameters, applying image analysis to cancer research, creating smarter factories, assessing measurement systems and reacting quickly to process variations. David Spiegelhalter will conclude the day with a thought-provoking discussion on the Art of Statistics.

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