Steering Committee

  • May Pong Chai

    Senior Technical Operations Manager

    Chai, May Pong is responsible for establishing best-in-class smart manufacturing systems with multinational OEM partners, focusing on factory automation, big data processing and intelligent integration with artificial intelligence technology and machine learning. MP is also committing as In-house Mentor and Trainer specialising in JMP, DOE, MSA and SPC including interactive data visualisation. He is very familiar with Six-sigma DMAIC, PMP, FMEA and SQL data processing. He is also the certified facilitator for The BulletProof® Manager Programme.

    He has more than 24 years of working experience and oversea assignments in project management and leadership roles in new product development and manufacturing of computer and keyboard assembly and test, semiconductor, opto-electronic transceiver, transponder, Cable TV and network tools products. Chai’s previous roles includes Operations Manager, NPI Manager, Test and Product and Process Engineering Manager in various multi-national companies. 

    He earned his Bachelor’s Degree(Honours) in Electrical Engineering majoring in Mechatronics from University of Technology, Malaysia and continued on to receive a MBA degree from Akamai University of USA. Chai hails from Malaysia. 

  • Feng Chen

    Professor of Biostatistics, Nanjing Medical University

    Feng Chen is a Professor of Biostatistics at Nanjing Medical University. He earned his BSc in mathematics from Sun Yat-Sen University (Guangzhou) in 1983 and continued on to receive a MSc in biostatistics (Shanghai Second Medical University, 1989), and PhD in biostatistics (West China University of Medical Sciences, 1994). Chen dedicated himself to statistical theory and methods in medical research, especially in the analysis of non-independent data, high-dimensional data and clinical trials. He studied multilevel models at London University in 1996. As a Visiting Scholar, he was engaged in the Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) at Harvard University from April 2008 to March 2010. He has more than 180 papers and 18 textbooks and monographs published. He is now the chairperson of China Association of Biostatistics (CABS), the chairperson of China Clinical Trial Statistics (CCTS) working group, vice-chair of IBS-China and a member of the drafting committee of China statistical principles for clinical trials.

  • Zhu Feng

    Director of ATL Research Center, Amperex Technology Ltd.

    Zhu Feng has worked extensively in high-tech companies in the US with close to 30 years of work experience in electronic product development and validation testing. Feng has carried out in-depth research on battery safety and reliability assessment (including battery cells, modules and battery packs), supporting failure analysis for battery development, testing, production and actual applications. Feng has US patents for nearly 20 technologies and products, participated in the development of the 12th Five-Year Plan of China and conducted research on many technological innovation projects for new energy vehicles. He was appointed as director of the company's research center and has set up a center for battery pack and module experiments, validation and testing with world-class standards that covers safety, performance, reliability, life and software testing. Feng has established a world-class management team to undertake and complete local and overseas high-end battery system projects. Feng was recruited under the Fujian 100 Talents Programme.

  • Shiwei Liu

    Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

    Shiwei Liu is a Professor of Epidemiology. He received his PhD in epidemiology and biostatistics from Peking Union Medical College in 2009. He worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford in 2015, and was a visiting scholar at the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University from May to June 2014, and at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluations (IHME), University of Washington from July to September 2013. He has rich experience in disease surveillance, including infectious disease and cause of death, health management and population health measures, and his current work and research interests focus on noncommunicable disease (NCD) epidemiology, comprehensive strategies of NCDs control and prevention, NCDs intervention using mobile health technology, evaluation on public health policy or intervention, and burden of disease study.

  • Zhinong Liu

    OPS GM, GOKE Microelectronics CO., LTD.

    Zhinong Liu is currently the OPS GM of GOKE Microelectronics Co. Ltd. Since 2003, Liu has served as technical director of Shenzhen Founder Microelectronics Inc., product engineering manager of HiSilicon Technologies Co. Ltd., product engineering director of Spreadtrum Communications and Vice President of operations for VeriSilicon Microelectronics. He was in charge of chip design, process development, quality operations and supplier management, and possesses actual initiation and mass production experience for more than 100 advanced manufacturing projects (such as 28/16/10/7nm) and more than 10 years of successful collaboration experience with mainstream wafer fabrication companies such as TSMC/SEC/GF/UMC/SMIC and chip assembly and testing companies such as ASE/SPIL/JCET/HTKJ/TF. Liu obtained his PhD in engineering in 2003 from Tsinghua University. He has a double degree in enterprise management from the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management and obtained a US PMP certificate (project management) in 2006. Liu started to adopt DOE in 2000 to improve the film uniformity and crystal growth quality of SiGe materials. Since 2005, he has been in charge of data analysis, yield improvement and failure reduction work at a top chip manufacturing company. In 2013, he was awarded the first prize for quality by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

  • Jiali Luo

    Vice President, Boehringer Ingelheim China

    Jiali Luo is Vice President of Boehringer Ingelheim China and the General Manager of Boehringer Ingelheim Biopharmaceuticals (China) Ltd. Co. Prior to his current position at BI, Luo took several managerial positions as Director of R&D, Director of Biopharmaceuticals, VP of Business Development and Chief Officer of Global Commercial at a major Chinese pharmaceutical company. For many years, Luo has worked in the areas of biopharmaceuticals in China and made significant contributions to the R&D, manufacture, quality systems and commercial development of biopharma products. He possesses expansive experience in management and operations in the biopharmaceutical industry both in China and overseas. Luo has master’s and PhD degrees in biochemistry and protein science, as well a MBA degree.

  • Cheong Yew Wee

    Director, Global Quality-DRAM Emerging Memory Quality Reliability Assurance, Micron Memory Taiwan Co. Ltd.

    Cheong Yew Wee, a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, is focused on using data and practical statistical thinking. In the past, he had built statistical culture through a Six Sigma DMAIC program, cultivating many Green Belts and saving hundreds of million dollars through the program. A JMP user for 30 years, he is one of the core members who cultivated the statistical culture in the company and promoted JMP as one of the powerful statistical tools that is very user-friendly. Last but not the least, he believes fundamental statistical knowledge is essential and continued application of this knowledge to projects and working with the right statistical tool enables the right culture.

  • Annie Ye

    Director, McDonald’s China

    Annie Ye works in the Development Department at McDonald’s China headquarters. She is responsible for developing artificial intelligence applications for new stores and the development of online tools and systems for new stores. Ye has more than 15 years of experience in selection of development sites and online management systems in the retail industry. She is committed to increasing the development efficiency of new franchisees, exploring and promoting the applications of artificial intelligence in franchising, and leading industry innovation and reform. For the past eight years, Ye has explored the use of big data for optimization of network layouts and employed machine learning to rapidly search for potential shopping districts. In addition, she has also used artificial intelligence models to assist in optimization of operations for various internal departments to increase performance. Since then, Ye started employing JMP for statistical analysis, feature engineering and construction of business models. She is an experienced user and advocate of JMP.

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