Icy Du    

Director of Statistical Programming, Zai Lab

Icy Du, head of Statistical Programming in Zai Lab, oversees the Zai Lab programming team. Before joining Zai Lab, Icy has been with a global CRO – PAREXEL for more than 10 years. During this period of time, she had interactions with global pharmaceutical companies for various types of analysis and deliveries and established a big FSP team in China for one global pharmaceutical company.


Zhu Jianqin           

Baosteel Equipment Department


Lee Li     

Continuous Improvement Manager, Perfetti Van Melle Confectionery (China) Co., Ltd.


Peng Liu

JMP Reliability R&D Expert, SAS

Dr. Peng Liu, JMP's advanced statistician and software engineer, holds bachelor’s degrees for industrial foreign trade and computer science, and a master’s and Ph.D. in statistics. At JMP, Liu is mainly responsible for developing and maintaining software for multiple fields, including all platforms for reliability and survival data analysis, reliability engineering, and time-sequence analysis. He also studies the methods of reliability data analysis and engineering, time-sequence analysis, man-machine interface design, and the architecture and management of large software systems. Dr. Liu is also an active researcher on reliability data analysis and reliability engineering. Over the years, he has accumulated a great deal of experience in helping users solve practical problems.


Li Mengying

Incubation Manager , Customer Service Center, Tongcheng-Elong Holdings Co., Ltd.

Li Mengying, Incubation Manager at Tongcheng-Elong’s Customer Service Center, helps promote and guide the implementation of LSS and create a corporate culture of continuous improvement. She previously worked as a chief consultant, advising UnionPay branches and enterprises in aviation, communication, travel and e-commerce on improvement programs. She has extensive practical experience in integrating service-sector LSS strategy and optimizing operations of internet enterprises. Her team has earned national and industry awards with their LSS demonstration program for three consecutive years, and Mengying was recognized as an outstanding contributor for China customer service at the 2019 CCCS.



Kang Sheng               

Data Scientist, Chief Engineer of Statistics and Data Analysis, Corning (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd.

With 15 years of quality management experience in advanced manufacturing, Kang obtained a professional lecturer's qualification in quality statistics and served as Quality Manager at Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, lecturer for quality statistics courses, tutor for master’s students and senior instructor of experimental design. Kang is proficient in complex process control and improvement projects with SPC, DOE and MSA. Kang works as a data scientist and Chief Engineer of Statistics and Data Analysis at Corning (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd. His courses on quality statistics and DOE are well received.

Kang supervises projects concerning industrial big data analysis and development, the development of predictive maintenance system, development reliability and condition scheduling system (based on Python). He also excels in integrating and releasing data analysis solutions with open source (R, Python, Spark, etc.) and commercial (JMP, Minitab, PowerBI, etc.) software.


Xinming Wang                    

Director of Quality Management Department, North China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Xinming Wang, Director of Quality Management Department of North China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical production and quality management. The senior engineer is both a licensed pharmacist and QA engineer. He will talk about the role of data analysis in quality review. By reviewing and analyzing quality indicators, product stability, public support data, and flawed data, enterprises can determine whether processes are stable and reliable and whether raw materials and final products meet applicable quality standards. In this way, they can timely identify negative trends and the necessary improvements in products and processes, so as to meet the rigorous GMP requirements on quality review.


Alex Wu                    

Deputy Director of Data Group, FATP Product Engineering , Wistron InfoComm (Zhongshan) Corporation

Alex Wu, Deputy Director of Data Group for FATP Product Engineering at Wistron InfoComm (Zhongshan) Corporation, has a good command of commonly used JMP functions for data processing and has accumulated extensive experience in data analysis during a three-year cooperation with Apple. Wu can present an accurate report simplified with JMP data visualizations, create scripts to efficiently process normal data, and quickly locate failure causes for effective quality management via Pareto, CPK and ANOM. 


Zhang Yi

Senior Engineer of QA Center, BOE DAS BG

Zhang Yi joined Panasonic in 2005, responsible for product reliability evaluation, failure data analysis and defect improvement at the Quality Assurance Department. In 2017, Zhang joined BOE as Senior QA Engineer of DAS BG, responsible for research on product reliability evaluation methods, reliability data analysis and modeling, reliability evaluation standard setting, and reliability training. Zhang has extensive experience in research and application of product reliability evaluation methods, failure data analysis, and modeling. While working at BOE, Zhang has participated in 15 product reliability improvement projects, and supported more than 20 projects with failure data analysis and modeling.


Wang Yiqun       

Statistical Analysis Programmer, CStone Pharmaceuticals

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