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JMP Discovery Summit China took place online Sept. 22-24 as data analysis enthusiasts in China gathered virtually to exchange insights and learned from one another.

Owing to special circumstances this year, the Summit was in a livestream format and segmented into three sessions: "Data Intelligence," "Quality and Process improvement," and "Drug Quality Management and Clinical Data Analysis." The livestream event was held over three days to meet the learning needs of statistical analysts in the various fields.

Mr. John Sall, SAS's co-founder and Executive Vice President as well as JMP's creator and Chief Architect, and Mr. Jon Weisz, JMP's Global Senior Vice President, gave a virtual welcome to all JMP users and data analysis enthusiasts.

Over the course of three days, statistical analysts, industry experts, JMP users and JMP champions from industries such as semiconductor, high-tech, traditional manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, new energy, internet, FMCG retail, universities and academic institutions, participated in the event, where they learned about cutting-edge statistical analysis technologies and impressive JMP application cases.

Thirteen honored guests from Baosteel Corporation, Tongcheng-Elong Holdings Limited, Perfetti Van Melle S.P.A, Corning (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd., BOE, Wistron (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., Zai Lab Limited, CStone Pharmaceuticals, and North China Pharmaceutical Company., Ltd., and global experts of JMP gave excellent speeches.

In the "Data Intelligence" session, Mr. Zou Yuxian, Deputy Director of Baosteel Corporation's Smart Manufacturing, and Mr. Zhu Jianqin, Chief Digital Engineer of Baosteel Corporation's Equipment Department, shared their practical experience as well as Baosteel's advanced concepts and outstanding results in smart manufacturing. Baosteel constructed a 1580mm hot continuous rolling smart workshop, and conducted scientific predictive modeling and verification on the natural spread of 1580 hot finish rolling by applying smart analysis and modeling methods in JMP Pro.

As the only speaker from the industry of online travel agents , Ms. Li Mengying, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt from Tongcheng-Elong Holdings Limited, detailed the progress of a Lean Six Sigma project and the in-depth application of JMP tools. In using JMP, the company's efficiency and customer satisfaction improved to a large extent, as the one-stop resolution rate of user-dimensional problems increased by 5%, 20-second service level improved by 7%, user satisfaction improved by 7% and the service defect rate decreased by 3‰.

Event Highlight

Thereafter, Mr. Lee Li, CI Manager of Perfetti Van Melle S.P.A, and Mr. Randy Kang, Data Scientist and Statistics and Chief Data Analysis Engineer of Corning (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd., introduced interesting cases on how statistical analysis powered the chemical industry, and the application of ratio analysis in industrial manufacturing.

In the "Quality and Process Improvement" session, Ms. Zhang Yi, senior engineer of QA Center, BOE Display and Sensor Business Group, Ms. Alex Wu, Deputy Director of Data Group, FATP Product engineeringof Wistron (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., and guests from other leading enterprises, shared their insights on advanced, convenient and efficient statistics quality management based on business needs.

Following which Dr. Liu Peng, JMP reliability R&D expert, and Dr. Bradley Jones, JMP Distinguished Research Fellow and DOE expert, shared their expertise on cutting-edge statistical analysis technologies, which provided new ideas and methods for engineers in resolving system reliability allocation and process problems.

In the "Drug Quality Management and Clinical Data Analysis" session, Ms. Icy Du, Statistical Programming Director of Zai Lab Limited, and Ms. Wang Yiqun, Statistical Analysis Programmer of CStone Pharmaceuticals, introduced JMP Clinical as a means to efficiently perform medical monitoring and generate patient profile.

In the third segment, Mr. Wang Xinming, Head of Quality Management Department of North China Pharmaceutical Company., Ltd., shared several case studies on the application of JMP in product quality review, routine quality management and verification, product stability test and pharmacovigilance. Lastly, Ms. Laura A. Higgins, JMP Global Technical Engineer, demonstrated how to use the Detection Model platform in JMP 15 to quickly detect abnormal data and review the data integrity.

Guests and attendees had much to gain from the intellectually stimulating sharing of advanced thinking and practical experience from industry-leading enterprises.

Throughout the three-day live streaming, we see how more and more outstanding enterprises have joined our community of JMP users and are raising their understanding and application of JMP, by going beyond entry level analysis to data exploration, predictive modeling and other applications. We also witnessed the conversion of JMP-based analysis into project results. We are very proud that JMP software is instrumental in resolving issues in process R&D and supplements human analysis in terms of resolving flaws and improving efficiency. Analysts no longer need to rely on experience alone, but are guided to adopt statistical quality management based on “facts and data that can speak volumes.” This demonstrates how JMP software can power enterprises in digital transformation and innovative development.

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