For the analytically inclined

The sort of person who uses JMP is a lifelong learner – curious and inquisitive, energized by new discoveries. We produce Discovery Summits to put seriously intelligent people together in a comfortable, creative and inclusive environment where they feel inspired to exchange best practices in data exploration, to share experiences of data-driven decision making, and to spend time with others who are responsible for their enterprises’ strategic use of analytics. Our goal is to help the great people who use JMP be better equipped to do amazing things – or mundane but necessary things – so they can make their worlds even better.

The conference offers:

  • Plenary sessions that explore broad analytic ideas with world-renowned authorities in statistics, technology and innovation.
  • Breakout talks and ePoster presentations so you can benchmark how other JMP users explore their data and overcome their obstacles.
  • Opportunities to query JMP experts about features and functionality, and to submit requests directly to developers and product managers.
  • Networking events to meet others who make analytics their framework for decision making, rather than an afterthought.
  • Training that offers a deep dive into how to use our products better and more completely.
Event Venue
Building C - SAS
Discovery Summit 2018

23-26 October 

SAS World Headquarters

100 SAS Campus Drive
Cary, NC 27513

Discovery Summit is absolutely the best conference you will ever attend. It’s a great chance to network and learn about new statistical practices and applications of JMP.

Discovery Summit 2016 Attendee

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