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Discovery Summit Mobile App

The JMP Discovery Summit mobile app lets you get the latest agenda, messages from the conference planner, speaker information, map and attendee list.

You can also:

  • Build your own agenda.
  • Message fellow attendees.
  • Find sessions you are interested in, based on level and topic.
  • Identify the JMP developer who can best answer your questions.
  • Rate and comment on sessions. Ratings are used to give best paper and poster awards.
  • Earn badges toward a conference prize.
  • Take notes and email them to yourself.
  • Share photos within the app.

Here’s how to get the Discovery Summit mobile app:

  • iPhone and iPad users: Search “JMP Summit” on the Apple App Store or follow this link from your device.
  • Android users: Search “JMP Summit” on the Google Play Store or follow this link from your device.
  • Blackberry, Windows, computer browsers and others: Use your smartphones/laptops to visit

Note: The app is password-protected. Once you launch the app, you will need to establish a password. Please use the email that you used to register for the conference for this process.

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