Event Highlights

Sharing, learning are themes for Discovery Summit Japan 2018

Information-packed papers, posters and plenary sessions full of best practices in analytics. Great conversations over food and beverage. And thought-provoking concepts about how to make organizations more efficient and effective in achieving their goals. In other words, you could say 2018 Discovery Summit Japan fed the mind, body and soul.

“I’m proud to say that this year, we welcomed nearly 350 customers to Discovery Summit in Tokyo,” said JMP® Japan Country Manager Noriki Inoue. “This event is growing not only in the number of guests but also in the variety of presentations and posters we see each year.”

"There is no substitute for knowledge," said SAS Senior VP Jon Weisz to an audience of scientists, engineers and other data explorers in attendance. Weisz used the opening plenary session to encourage a more-than-surface understanding of data analysis, referencing famous statisticians like George Box and Stuart Hunter – both of whom have been Discovery Summit speakers – to make his point. "No matter how good the statistical visualization software, some statistical knowledge is a must to understand what your data are telling you," Weisz said.

Plenary time was also used to present tips and tricks for using JMP 14 more completely and efficiently, and to unveil an exciting new graph-sharing platform to JMP users: public.jmp.com.

JMP user Sig Mejdal closed the conference with his story of moving from a job at NASA to a career as a team statistician for Major League Baseball. It was difficult getting hired as a baseball analyst, he said. "I was selling something that was a threat to those in power. I thought what I was selling was going to be good for the organization, good for the decision makers and good for me." Once Mejdal broke through the analytic adversaries, however, he began to achieve great results – first for the St. Louis Cardinals and then for the Houston Astros, helping both teams win the World Series.

Mejdal likened his quest and challenge to those of data analysts in all industries. He had to help people understand the value of replacing gut instinct with real information based on real data.

Host Jeff Perkinson, Manager of the global JMP Customer Care initiative, mentioned a famous line from the movie Field of Dreams: "If you build it, they will come." That was about a baseball field, but Discovery Summit is not dissimilar, he said. "We heard that you needed this kind of analytic conference, and you are here. For that we are grateful."