Steering Committee

Jean Augé

Lean Six Sigma Expert, Airbus, Toulouse, France

Jean Augé has a background in electronics, computer science and engineering. Augé has been working at Airbus for more than 25 years and now works as a Black Belt Lean Six Sigma expert in the avionics computer plant in Toulouse. He uses data mining techniques on big data to get the maximum potential from the production line and test benches for increased profitability. He uses JMP Pro on a daily basis to overcome challenging objectives.

Oren Bar-Ilan

Head of Global Non-Clinical Statistics and Head of Clin-Pharm Statistics, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Petach Tikva, Israel

Oren Bar-Ilan began his professional career as a statistician and statistical methods manager in a semiconductor company. He later worked as an independent consultant in statistics and biostatistics, with growing interest in pharmaceutical development, biotechnology and medical devices. Since 2011 he has held a position at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries as the Head of Global Non-Clinical Statistics, and recently also as the Head of Clin-Pharm Statistics. Bar-Ilan has wide experience in pre-clinical and clinical trials, statistical design of experiments (DOE), statistical process control (SPC), capability analysis and computer systems. He has been a JMP user since 1996, and conducts training courses on statistical methods, DOE, SPC and other topics using JMP. Bar-Ilan holds BA and MA degrees in statistics from Haifa University.

David Barnett

Formulation Design Chemist, Syngenta, Jealott’s Hill, United Kingdom

David Barnett is a Formulation Design Chemist for Syngenta, a leading agrochemical and seed supplier for the global market. He has been with the company for over 27 years and has vast experience delivering products to market. Over the past 10 years he has helped deliver and support the installation and use of a large automated system within the company and expand the use of statistical design to fully harness the capabilities of the new technology’s potential. Using moderate table sizes of a few thousand rows, he has assisted the chemist in developing new products using data modeling and data visualization, Graph Builder being one of the main tools of choice. He has been using JMP since version 3 and has seen the application grow to the powerful tool that it is today.

David Barnett

Bruno Boulanger

Co-Founder and CSO, Arlenda, Saint-Georges, Belgium

Bruno Boulanger, PhD, has 20 years of experience in several areas of pharmaceutical research, including discovery, toxicology, CMC and early clinical phases. He holds various positions in Europe and in the US. After being the Head of European Early Phases within Eli Lilly and leading a Europeanwide team, Boulanger joined UCB Pharma as Director of Exploratory Statistics, contributing to the implementation of its model-based drug development strategy and applied Bayesian statistics. He is a Senior Lecturer in the school of pharmacy at the Université of Liège, teaching design of experiments and statistics. Boulanger organizes and contributes to NCS Conference (Non-Clinical Statistics) in Europe. In 2010, he led the setup of the first applied Bayesian statistics conference. Boulanger is a USP expert, member of the Committee of Experts in Statistics and has authored or co-authored more than 100 publications in applied statistics.

Bruno Boulanger

Ian Cox

JMP European Marketing Manager, SAS, Marlow, United Kingdom

Ian Cox, PhD, currently works in the JMP division of SAS as the Marketing Manager for Europe. He has worked for Digital and Motorola, was a Six Sigma Black Belt and also worked with Motorola University. Before joining SAS 10 years ago, he worked for BBN Software Solutions Ltd. and consulted with many companies on data analysis, process control and experimental design. Cox is part of the SPIE organizing committee for process control and referees related papers for the IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing. He is the associate editor of Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry (Wiley Online) and has been a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University. Cox is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society in the UK and a member of its Committee of the Statistical Computing Section. He has a PhD in theoretical physics.

Ian Cox

Bart De Ketelaere

Research Manager, Division of Mechatronics, Biostatistics and Sensors, Catholic University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

Bart De Ketelaere, PhD, is research manager in the Division for Mechatronics, Biostatistics and Sensors (MeBioS) of the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.  He has degrees in statistics and in bioengineering. De Ketelaere obtained his PhD in 2002 and has developed a keen interest in industrial quality control. He is an inventor who holds several patents and has authored and co-authored more than 110 ISI publications in the broad field of quality control.

Bart De Ketalaere

Kirsty Green

Senior Engineer (Actuator), Xaar, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Kirsty Green has worked in various facets of engineering for nearly 18 years, mostly in data-driven positions. She started off as a Technical Sales Support Engineer at Gestra, a company that sold steam valves and systems. Green then worked at Xerox for 13 years, progressing through the company’s graduate training scheme to become a subject matter expert in digital image processing for a family of digital multi-functional devices. Swapping image processing for a more hardware-oriented role, she became a Module Manager for six years, which involved a whole raft of skills, including new product development, integration, interface management and even developing materials knowledge. Changing industries to make MOCVD equipment, Green worked as an Engineering Project Leader at AIXTRON for two years, the first improving System2System performance and the second as the Graphite Delivery Team Leader. Since joining Xaar in September 2014, she has worked on understanding and developing the piezoelectric materials used in Xaar industrial inkjet print heads. Although she has only been a JMP user for about 17 months, Green does have some DOE experience via Taguchi and Design for Lean Six Sigma, and she is learning new things in JMP every day. She is the Xaar JMP Champion, which has included organizing two JMP Days and two tutorials with Phil Kay and Robert Anderson from JMP.

Kirsty Green

Gerd Kopp

Statistician, Quality Management Reliability, Biotronik, Berlin, Germany

Gerd Kopp is a statistical consultant with Biotronik SE & Co. KG, a Berlin-based medical device manufacturer with a focus on cardiac rhythm management. As part of the Quality Management Reliability group, his applications mostly include reliability, experimental design and process control. Kopp does across-site statistical training using JMP and he develops and reviews statistical guidelines used within Biotronik. He has been with the company for seven years and has been a JMP user since version 9.

Gerd Kopp

Kevin Lennon

Staff Product Development Engineer, Intel Corporation, Leixlip, Ireland

Kevin Lennon is a Staff Product Development Engineer in Intel Ireland’s Fab 24, Europe’s largest semiconductor manufacturing plant. Lennon has worked at Intel Ireland for over 17 years and has spent most of this time working as a lithography process engineer on the bleeding edge platforms. He spent five years working in the U.S. at the development site in Oregon, as well as the high-volume sites in Phoenix, Arizona, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Over the last seven years Lennon was responsible for revolutionizing data extraction and analysis in Intel’s High-Volume Manufacturing sites. This journey was described in his award-winning presentation to Discovery Summit Europe in Prague 2017, presented along with his colleague Adrian Porter. Lennon was recently asked to join the accreditation board of Ireland’s first and only undergraduate data science degree at Dublin City University, which accepted its first students in September 2017.

Kevin Lennon Steering Committee

Damien Perret

Research and Development Scientist, French Atomic Energy Commission, Marcoule, France

Damien Perret, PhD, is a research and development scientist at the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) where he works on glass formulations for high-level nuclear waste conditioning. In this field, Perret develops and applies statistical methods for designing mixture experiments, developing property-composition predictive models and analyzing big data. Prior to joining the CEA, Perret worked on photoresist materials for advanced microlithography applications as a scientist at Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials. In 2003, he received a PhD in materials science, studying acoustic and mechanical properties of oxide and metallic glasses.

Damien Perret, Research and Development Scientist, French Atomic Energy Commission, Marcoule, France

Emmanuel Romeu

R&D Project Manager, Beckman Coulter (Danaher Corporation), Marseille, France

Emmanuel Romeu, a biotechnology engineer, spent the last 10 years as the R&D project leader for developing immunoassays. He spent the previous 10 years working in industrial development. During the last seven years he has adopted design of experiments and other useful statistical approaches to speed up and improve the quality of assay development.

Emanuel Romeu

Chris Wells

Study Statistician, Roche, Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom

Chris Wells has been a biostatistician at Roche for seven years. She is currently the team lead on the statistics monitoring arm of risk-based monitoring and a change champion within the company for the roll out of the full risk-based monitoring program.

Chris Wells